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35 PowerPoint Template Projects (TLC Portfolio)

01/31/11 | by Troy Chollar [mail] | Categories: Personal
I have compiled a PDF that highlights 35 PowerPoint templates developed in 2010. The goal is provide a simple annual portfolio of template projects for reference on the diversity of clients and design styles. For 2010 I had over 125 template projects… more »

Fonts Installed With Each Operating System - Since Windows 95

01/31/11 | by Troy Chollar [mail] | Categories: Resource/Misc, Personal
Some things should be easy to look up, find and reference. Some things are not easily found. Such was the case when I needed to answer a simple question - "Is that font installed with Windows 2000?". Of course I could not reply with my first thought ('W… more »

6 PowerPoint tips for young PR and marketing professionals

01/27/11 | by Troy Chollar [mail] | Categories: Personal
This article posted this week in the Midland Daily News. It is short, clear and has a good summary of items to consider when developing a presentation. (Summary) 1. Use the audience's language. 2. KISS - Keep It Short and Sweet. 3. Be consistent.… more »

Baseline shift/Offset Any Text, Any Amount

01/25/11 | by Troy Chollar [mail] | Categories: Personal, Tutorial
If you need a custom super-script registration mark, or special text layout, using the OFFSET option may be just the answer. select text, open font dialog [image of dialog] Here is the standard super-scripted registration mark and a customized regis… more »

Hawaii 2011 - Time to Leave

01/23/11 | by Troy Chollar [mail] | Categories: Personal
I interupt the tutorial series on Baseline Shift to say good bye to Hawaii (the Big Island) as I fly back today. I know lots of people that do not look forward to the winter months (they generally live in snow areas), but meetings tend to be in great, w… more »

Baseline Shift = "Offset"

01/21/11 | by Troy Chollar [mail] | Categories: Personal, Tutorial
When a super-script or sub-script is applied, is actually an automated adjustment to PowerPoint's OFFSET function. To access, highlight text and click the arrow on the bottom right of the FONT group to launch the FONT DIALOG BOX. Super-script text i… more »

What is Baseline Shift?

01/19/11 | by Troy Chollar [mail] | Categories: Personal, Tutorial
Baseline Shift = "to move a selected character up or down relative to the baseline/level of the surrounding text." Baseline shift is an essential typography fine tuning function. The most common use of it PowerPoint is when a super-script or sub-scri… more »

Collapse the Ribbon

01/16/11 | by Troy Chollar [mail] | Categories: Personal, Tutorial
Sometimes having a bigger work area makes designing slides easier. One option is a larger monitor, higher resolution or just temporarily removing the ribbon. Standard ribbon (taking up screen realestate) Collapsed ribbon (with more screen reales… more »

Using BackGround Removal and Blur Tools (by Ric Bretschneider)

01/13/11 | by Troy Chollar [mail] | Categories: Tutorial
PowerPoint MVP Ric Bretschneider added a great tutorial to his personal blog this week called "The PowerPoint Blur Trick". The image effects are done by combining the Background removal tool, duplicate images, and the image tool - all really good wa… more »

Animation Using Super Wide Panoramic Photo

01/11/11 | by Troy Chollar [mail] | Categories: Personal, Tutorial
Using the panoramic image from the previous post, here is a sample animation. Actually the audience sees a continuous animation, but from the designer view is a series of slides that use Slide Transitions for the animation effect. 1. Insert panoramic… more »

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