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Make a Movie Play Automatically in PPT 2010

07/29/10 | by Troy Chollar [mail] | Categories: Tutorial
Because the default action requires the mouse to be seen during the presentation - something not allowed in any large stage production, I change the play animation on every movie. Here is my process: 1. Insert the video: INSERT tab >> VIDEO 2.… more »

Movie Playback Default in PPT 2010

07/27/10 | by Troy Chollar [mail] | Categories: Tutorial
PPT 2010 has a different default when inserting videos than previous versions. Basically it no longer asks how you would like the movie to play and simply inserts the movie with a preset play action. Unfortunately, for me, the default action is not the… more »

Where Are The Add-Ins in Windows 7?

06/27/10 | by Troy Chollar [mail] | Categories: Tutorial
Finding the general Microsoft add-ins folder is very different in Windows 7 vs. Windows XP (I skipped Vista and just recently have been updating office computers from Windows XP to Windows 7). Here is the path the folder: Windows7_OS (C: ) >> Users >… more »

When Troubleshooting, What is Your Combination?

06/25/10 | by Troy Chollar [mail] | Categories: Resource/Misc, Tutorial
When PowerPoint does something unexpect and unexplained the desire to toss the computer out the window increases (a lot!). But there are lots of online resources to find solutions (here at ThePowerPointBlog, forums, and searching google or bing).… more »

Where is the PPTools Expert Mode Setting?

06/23/10 | by Troy Chollar [mail] | Categories: Tutorial
I have been using the PPTools "Starter Set Plus" Memorize Position tool. Here is a typical use: 1. I have a reference/source line at the bottom of a slide 2. I want to have all other reference/source lines throughout the presentation in the… more »

4 Ways To Zoom In/Out While Editing

06/21/10 | by Troy Chollar [mail] | Categories: Tutorial
In the lower right is the zoom options. (1) The first option is largely unknown to many users, partially because it is not needed often. Clicking the percentage number opens the zoom dialog that has presets and ability to manually enter a specific… more »

Where is 'Backstage' and How to Close It

06/17/10 | by Troy Chollar [mail] | Categories: Tutorial
With Office 2010 the circle 'office button' in the upper left of all applications is replaced with a simple 'File' button that opens the Backstage. Click the 'File' button the Backstage takes over the full application window. The Backstage i… more »

Why Can't I Move The Logo on the Master Slide?

06/02/10 | by Troy Chollar [mail] | Categories: Tutorial
Here is my sample slide: I decide the logo, on the master slide, needs to be moved down for more content area. When go to VIEW >> SLIDE MASTER and try to move the logo I cannot click and select it. Because the master slide view opened… more »

The New View of 'Arrange All' Presentations!

05/30/10 | by Troy Chollar [mail] | Categories: Tutorial
PPT 2010 now displays each presentation in its own instance of the application. What does this mean? Here is a real world example (eg. my current project), where I have 2 screens and a separate presentation for each. In designing I need to view the p… more »

Toggle Normal Edit view and Slide Sorter View

05/26/10 | by Troy Chollar [mail] | Categories: Tutorial
In the lower right corner are the shortcut buttons to change the view (normal, edit, slide show - and reading in PPT 2010), plus the zoom tools. In my sample I am in the Slide Sorter view: If I want to edit an individual slide, I select the… more »

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