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“New” Shape Styles Presets

So why the quotes around “new” for this post’s title? Well, this is not really a new feature in PowerPoint, but it has come up on conversations enough recently for me to realize this addition to shape styling that has been in PowerPoint since January of this year (maybe earlier), has not been noticed by everyone.

PowerPoint Format Presets
Shape styles are preset formatting options for PPT vector shapes. Color options are based on the template color scheme, accents 1-6 and either the light or dark background style. When content is moved to a new presentation, the colors auto update to that presentation color scheme. In the latest roll out of updates, Microsoft expanded to include a new level of these styles called “presets.”

New Shape Styles Presets 1

New Shape Styles Presets 2

New Shape Styles Presets 3

These new shape styles presets include five styles: transparent, transparent with colored outline, semi-transparent with no outline, colored fill with no outline, and lastly, gradient fill with no outline. These styles can quickly be applied to any shape with a click of a button. Happy stylizing!


-Troy @ TLC

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The Presentation Podcast Episode #72 Released Today!

A new episode of The Presentation Podcast with Troy, Nolan, and Sandy is available today! Check out the latest episode, #72 – No Formal Design Education (with Stephy Lewis, Bryan Jones and Lori Chollar)

 Join Troy Chollar, Stephy Lewis, Brian Jones and Lori Chollar for a designer conversation about being a presentation designer – without a formal design education (note: Lori joined us to represent those with a formal design education) as we enjoyed finding an hour to talk during the 2018 Presentation Summit.

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The Presentation Podcast Episode #71 Released Today!

A new episode of The Presentation Podcast with Troy, Nolan, and Sandy is available today! Check out the latest episode, #71 – Revisions and File Versioning – How Many?

Join Troy, Nolan and Sandy as they talk about revisions for a project. Are they included in the project scope, are revisions billable beyond the project scope, what is a revision, how many revisions are included in a project agreement, is there a point of too many revisions and how do revisions impact the project invoice.

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The Presentation Podcast Episode #69 Released Today!

A new episode of The Presentation Podcast with Troy, Nolan, and Sandy is available today! Check out the latest episode, #69 – The Presentation Design Brief

Every new presentation design project begins with gathering details – the Presentation Design Brief. Troy, Sandra and Nolan talk about what format these each use for their Design Briefs, along with what information is captured for presentation makeover projects.

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The Video Connector Guide

Designing presentations and being a presenter require a base level of A/V knowledge to be a professional. One area of knowledge is knowing how your computer, with your amazing presentation, is going to connect to the video system so everyone can see the presentation. TLC Creative has put together a primer (ie. simple list) of all common video connectors used today, cable and port it connects to:

1. VGA 

  • Analog (legacy, outdated and not recommended)
  • Has screwdown connectors, but many laptops do not have the threaded holes, eliminating this advantage

2. HDMI (most common)

  • Consumer level (we do not use)
  • Also, can send audio through the same cable (sometimes good, sometimes not what is wanted and need to go into the computer audio setup and change)
  • Connector does not have a snap/screw connection (ie. it can be knocked loose)

3. DVI (legacy, but still great)

  • A huge plus for DVI is it has screwdown connectors!

4. Full Size Displayport (our favorite connector)

  • Same as DVI (digital)
  • Windows computers use larger pin plug
  • Full size DisplayPort is the TLC Creative preferred video connector. It snaps/locks into place on the computer and can handle all video needs

5. Mini-displayport (also thunderbolt) (new, very common, and easy to become disconnected)

  • Mac computers use smaller pin plug
  • Plug on Mac snaps into place, but does not lock
  • Mini displayport is same as Mac-Thunderbolt

6. USB-C (aka, thunderbolt 3)

  • USB-C is the newest video connector.
  • It is the only video connectors on newer MacBook Pro’s
  • Note: not all USB-C connectors have the same video capabilities (all work great on the Mac OS, but can be the more limited option on Windows computers)
  • The most common use of USB-C as a video connector is using an adaptor to convert to HDMI


Troy @ TLC

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The Presentation Podcast Episode #67 Released Today!

A new episode of The Presentation Podcast with Troy, Nolan, and Sandy is available today! Check out the latest episode, #67 – There are no Mistakes (With Travis Thomas)

Presenting is a skill, an art, an act of being courageous and being the focus to a live audience. But, the secret is, the audience does not know your slides, your talking points or what you are going to say. Join an amazing conversation where Troy, Nolan and Sandy are joined by Travis Thomas, author and improv comedian, as we talk about how presenters, like an onstage comedian, need to continue presenting like there are no mistakes – because the audience only knows it was a mistake if you tell them.

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Hello December, the finale to 2018!

This month The PowerPoint Blog continues the TLC Creative tradition of our Top 10 for the year on our Facebook page. Here on The PowerPoint Blog we several FREE holiday themed PowerPoint downloads and our design team PowerPoint holiday animation! Over at The Presentation Podcast we first have a guest episode where we talk about presenting like there are no mistakes (a not to be missed episode for anyone that presents!), and then our annual year-in-review conversation. It is a great month to enjoy everything!

Troy @ TLC

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Name the Master Slide

Every Master Slide has a name. The name is helpful in identifying the content/the purpose/the identity of the Master Layouts.

Often (far too often), when reviewing provided PowerPoint slide decks is the Microsoft default Master Slide name is there.

Updating the Master Slide name is very easy:

1. Under the VIEW tab select “Slide Master”

2. Click RENAME and change the name to something more descriptive

3. After changing the name, Click RENAME

4. The Master Slide layouts have now been updated

Troy @ TLC

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Today! The Presentation Ideas Online Conference

Join me (Troy Chollar) today at the Presentation Ideas Conference – it is FREE and a virtual online conference HERE

I am presenting today (November 28, 2018) at 11:00 AM (PST). My talk is all about “ultrawide” PowerPoint presentations, covering not only insights into the design process, but the technical how-to’s of developing super wide, super size presentations! 

Website: https://www.presentationpoint.com/presentation-ideas-conference/

When: November 28-29, 2018

Cost: Completely free!


  1. Chantal Bossé  – Your Key to Audience Engagement: PowerPoint’s Zoom Feature
  2. Troy Chollar – Really, Really BIG PowerPoint (Screen Size, Not File Size)!  
  3. Ellen Finkelstein – 9 Techniques to Make Your Presentations Modern — So You Don’t Look So Old!
  4. Garland Coulson – 10 Creative Ways to Use Data In Presentations
  5. Geteesh Bajaj  – 7 Secrets of Using Images in PowerPoint
  6. Kurt Dupont – The Simplest Way to Make Real-Time Data Presentations
  7. Sharyn Fitzpatrick – Best Practices on How to Transition to Online Presenting 
  8. Garland Coulson – The Lazy Man’s Method to Fast Easy Content Creation


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New PowerPoint Page Number Print Feature!

A new feature snuck into PowerPoint unannounced (PowerPoint for Windows, Mac version coming soon, mobile/web versions – uncertain), and it is either fantastic or a frustration, depending on what you need! 


Traditionally making a print of slides for reference was a bit confusing as to what slide number was being referenced. We had the print page number, but this 6-up layout meant manually counting slides to know which slide number the thumbnail represented.

But now there is an option to add slide numbers outside the thumbnails!!

This feature has been turned on by default with a  recent Office update (note: I am currently running the Insider Fast, or Monthly Targeted, build and have not verified if this feature has rolled out to all update cycles – if you do not see it, it is coming soon). Go to FILE > OPTIONS > ADVANCED > PRINT > PRINT SLIDE NUMBERS ON HANDOUTS

Let’s look at this feature a bit closer and a scenario where it may not be as helpful as you had hoped. Here is my sample slide deck, 15 slides and 2 slides (#2 and #3) hidden.

Printing this slide deck as a 2-up handout WITH hidden slides included looks like this. We have the print page number and the thumbnail slide numbers look perfect:

But if we do not print the hidden slides, things may be a bit confusing. The print page number is still perfect, but the thumbnail slide numbers match the actual slide number not the slide show number. The hidden slides still count as numbers to the print out jumps from slide 1 to slide 4:

Good? Bad? Confusing? Helpful? Not Helpful?

I find the all of the above to be possible answers. The way I am explaining the thumbnail page numbers is they are the slide number, not the slide show number. So if you need to manually jump to a specific slide in a presentation – while presenting, that is the number to use. If you are looking to confirm how many slides are in a presentation, this may not be the accurate number (if there are hidden slides in the deck).

Troy @ TLC

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