One item that really kept me from moving to PPT 2007 was the inability to customize the Ribbon. The QAT was the best offering and I have made good use of it. With PPT 2010 the main Ribbon becomes customizable!

When you look in the PowerPoint options, next to ‘Quick Access Toolbar’ is a new item “Customize Ribbon” – Yeah!

When open it uses the same interface as the QAT customization dialog.

But it has an easy to see drill down navigation that goes from Tab to Section to Button. Here I have gone into the Insert tab and added a new section.

The new section can easily be renamed, which I have called “Page”

Within my new ‘Page’ section I have added the ‘New Slide’ button (funny how the Insert tab does not have ‘insert new slide’ on it…).

I then moved the position of the Section to be the first item – or far left on the Ribbon.

Here is my custom Ribbon. The Insert tab has the ‘New Slide’ button on it – right where I would expect it to be.

– Troy @ TLC