Slidewise v1.3 is Here!

First, if you work with presentations from others, I highly recommend having Slidewise installed. For those not familiar with this add-in, Slidewise is the asset manager that PowerPoint has been missing (and it is not for a lack of everyone asking Microsoft for a presentation asset manager!).

As example, this slide deck uses 3 fonts, has 4 images, has 1 audio file, and 1 video file. All of these details instantly summarized in a single window – the Slidewise info pane. In addition, we can instantly see the file size of everything and expand to see individual assets.

Neuxpower has released v1.2 and v1.3 in rapid succession, and things just get better with each version! Here are a few of my observations on the new version:

The HOME tab now has a show/hide button to bring up Slidewise (same button as on the Slidewise tab, just now also available on the Home tab)

There is now a separate Master slide tab to identify what slides use what master layout. As example, this sample slide deck has 1 master slide, and only 1 master layout. Slidewise displays this in the SLIDE MASTERS tab (1 slide master, 25 slides using the 1 master layout)

And my favorite feature, which has been in Slidewise since release, is it’s REPLACE FONT system! First, find random fonts with Slidewise identifying the exact slide and exact object where the font is used (amazing!). In addition, the Slidewise Replace Font system is not limited by the single-byte vs double-byte file issue that PowerPoint’s native replace font cannot.

If you have Slidewise, I definitely recommend installing the updated v1.3. Download here.

Get all the info about slidewise at the Neuxpower website here.

Troy @ TLC

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“Show” Computers for Event Presentations

Running presentations for a corporate event. Just a fun photo of my view.

  • Top left computer (on a riser/stacker) is the primary show computer that have the daily master show presentation, and dual output of presenter view to the presenter confidence monitor to view presentation notes
  • Top right computer (on a riser/stacker) is the backup show computer loaded with the same daily master show presentation and run in sync so there is a backup system should anything go awry (always have redundancy for live events!)
  • Lower left device is an ipad mini running a presenter timer app – connected to the second presenter confidence monitor
  • Right of the lower right computer is a D’San cue light for presenters to control their presentations (note: this unit can have the remote turned on/off) to prevent slide advances when a presenter is not on stage)
  • Lower right computer is the production computer, because there is always presentation edits and requests during the event and the show computers are dedicated to the live event, so an “offline” computer is where tasks are completed (note: using MS Teams to host presentations, opened in the desktop app, enables updates to the active presentation)

Troy @ TLC

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Live Streaming from the Presentation Summit

From the 2021 Presentation Summit, where TLC Creative Services was onsite with the AV equipment and AV techs coordinating the live stream of all sessions. Here we are in one of the two smaller rooms (“Artistry” and “Science” tracks).

  1. The presenter computer, with the PowerPoint file was at the “presenter table” enabling each presenter to be hands on with their computer and content.
  2. The presenter computer, or an event theme, was the content for the local projection screen (and the conference director, Rick Altman, presenting at this session)
  3. Reference computer, logged into the virtual meeting platform as an attendee (if we see the live stream, we know you can see the live stream!)
  4. Audio capture for live stream (audio board captured and environment mic of in-room audience captured)
  5. ATEM Mini Pro video switch for multi-camera setup into virtual meeting (live camera only to virtual attendees, not in ballroom projection)
  6. Virtual Broadcast Studio computer with all media connected control of virtual meeting live stream layouts and content
  7. ATEM TV Studio switch of computer content, output to local projector and virtual studio
  8. Professional audio board for in-room audio and send to virtual studio
  9. Multi-view of all connected cameras to enable live stream tech to switch camera views with knowledge of what each camera is capturing
  10. HDMI capture of computer output into virtual studio (HDMI to USB-C)
  11. 3 camera shoot in each ballroom (2 Sony Alpha series cameras and 1 GoPro)
  12. Live Stream tech making it all happen!
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Adobe Color Wheel – A Color Scheme Shortcut!

Adobe Color is a web app that creates color themes using color theory modes or pulled from uploaded photos. There is also the Adobe color community where the color schemes others have created are available to use.

For this post I created 3 color schemes to explore the different color theory bases. Within the Adobe Color app a “base” color, is the one color that stays consistent when changing to different color theory modes. There are 9 color theory modes (+ “custom”).

The first color scheme started with the center tan color as the base color and used the COMPLIMENTARY color theory model. After a few minutes of adjusting, this is where I landed:

For the second color scheme, I kept the base color the same tan color, but changed the color theory model to SPLIT COMPLIMENTARY. The result shifted to this color scheme:

For the third color scheme, I went back to the first COMPLIMENTARY color scheme and changed the base color from the tan to the 4th slot, teal. I then changed the color theory from COMPLIMENTARY to the SPLIT COMPLIMENTARY Color Theory model used in the second color scheme. It may sound like a lot, but this new color scheme was created in just a few clicks in the Adobe Color app:

One big note about using the Adobe Color app for PowerPoint color schemes. Adobe Color creates a theme of 5 colors. Of course PowerPoints color scheme is based on 6 accent colors. So Adobe Color only goes so far when looking to create a PowerPoint color scheme – the 6th color will need to be figured out, outside of the Adobe Color app.

The EXPLORE area is great for looking at lots of ideas and finding preset color themes. Here I went to the EXPLORE tab and searched for “Teal” which created a mood board style layout of images, illustrations and preset Adobe Color color schemes.

Clicking any of the example color schemes (I clicked the one highlighted in the above image), gives all the details about the colors used.

The ACCESSIBILITY TOOLS are very interesting and currently provide feedback on a color scheme for Color Blind Safe color combinations and can run a contrast checker.

Go the Adobe Color app here.

Troy and Amber @ TLC

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The Better Deck Deck!

I’ve got mine, do you have yours!

The Better Deck Deck created by Nolan Haims is a great presentation design resource. 52 cards (okay, technically 53 if the information card is counted) showing 3 slide design makeovers on each card for a lot of presentation slide design inspiration. Details here.

Troy @ TLC

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