Real-Time Presenter Notes Edits Through Teams

As a follow up to the previous blog post (Edit Presenter Notes Live While Presenting!), I have been leveraging Microsoft Teams real-time collaboration (which I find an amazing tool!) for updating presenter notes for quite a while. The process is very easy, assuming you are running Office 365 and have a Microsoft Teams account. The presentation file is uploaded to Microsoft Teams. I open the PowerPoint file using the OPEN > OPEN IN APP, so desktop PowerPoint is used (vs. Teams or PowerPoint for Web). The SAME presentation is opened on the show computer (the computer running the slide show) and on my production computer. The only limitation is the internet connection speed (which is a constant concern while working in a hotel ballroom!). My goal is to NOT touch the show computer, I like it to just present – never lose focus on the slide show, never escape out of slide show.

I make edits on my production/design computer, and they show up on the presentation computer – including presenter notes!

Troy @ TLC

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Edit Presenter Notes Live While Presenting!

The ability to edit presenter notes, while presenting, is now available on both Windows and Mac desktop apps!  In edit view, presenter notes are added, and edited here:

And when presenting, those notes display here in Presenter View:

What is new is the ability to in Presenter View click into the Presenter Notes area. The notes area gets a white outline, indicating the focus is there. While the notes area is the focus, the presenter notes can be modified!

This is great for all presenters and a great addition to the functionality of PowerPoint!

Troy @ TLC

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The Presentation Team in Chicago

If you listened to the podcast that released Tuesday of this week, these are photos from that event. When asked if TLC Creative can supply a top-level presentation team – well just look at the photos! Lori, Sandy, Echo, Paul, Jake, and several others not shown – we have any event, and any presentation needs covered!

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Make the Windows 11 Start Menu Better

I have moved to Windows 11, on my main design computer. So I have been spending lots of time tweaking the interface to be more familiar and work better for my workflow. The Start Menu is a big change from Windows 10, but I found a small feature set that is making it better – adding these shortcut icons!

To add these time saving shortcuts to your Windows 11 Start Menu, go to SETTINGS > PERSONIZATION > START > and then the part that is not intuitive (to me) is calling these shortcuts “folders”. Click on the arrow icon to see the options.

From the Folders menu, turn on all (I did not turn on PERSONAL FOLDERS for my workflow).

Done! The Windows 11 Start Menu has all of the shortcuts I was using in Windows 10, just in a different location (I prefer the Windows 11 location).

-Troy @ TLC

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