Working on presentations is always rewarding when the client or an audience member comments on the presentation. Sometimes I am caught off-guard by what is being praised, something I view as simple but they view as great. Here an example from a recent show.

Part of the project involved using a series of photos of the company product in use to create a walk-in looping presentation. I was given the photos, was to use black background and add some animation and slide transitions – GREAT freedom to have fun! One of the animation techniques I used in various ways was to duplicate the image a number of times, crop each duplicate, position and apply a streaming animation to add a little movement. Here is the one of those slides:

Here is what was done:
○ Duplicate the image four times (to have 5 images)
○ Crop four images down to just the person
○ Resize each cropped image to they became progressively smaller
○ Position in an arch
○ Apply a FADE IN and FADE OUT animation to each
○ Adjust the timing of the animations in the advanced timeline

○ Position the original, full image, and apply a FADE IN animation
The result is a simple slideshow on a single slide that moves the snowboarder across the slide finally resolving to the full shot. After 7 seconds the show auto advanced to the next slide.

The nifty thing is all of the work was done inside PowerPoint using the crop, resize tools and animations tools. Download the presentation here
(note: this is a widescreen 16:9 presentation)

Troy @ TLC