Sometimes you want to give a little pizzazz to entrance of a new image. Here I added movement with a rotation to the images for something unique.

This requires a bit of preparation, but everything is done inside PowerPoint.
○ Insert both images on the slide
○ The first image, that will be fading out, apply a FADE OUT and SPIN animation. I set the spin to be 40º and CLOCKWISE
○ For the second image, right-click and choose FORMAT PICTURE. Go to the SIZE tab and set the ROTATION (I set mine to 20º)
○ Apply a FADE IN and SPIN animation. Set the spin to COUNTER CLOCKWISE and the same rotation you set in the step above (mine is set to 20º)
○ Set all animations to WITH PREVIOUS
○ Set the animations for the second image to begin at a .2 second delay

The sample presentation can be downloaded here.

Troy @ TLC