Apple ProRes is a video CoDec (a video codec is the process of COmpressing a video into a file format, as example .MP4, .AVI or .MOV, and then DEcompressing it when played). Apple ProRes is a super high quality codec, but unfortunately Windows OS does not recognize Apple ProRes, making it difficult to work with these super high quality, and generally professional video files on a Windows computer.

An amazing thing we discovered at TLC Creative is Clipchamp recognizes ProRes videos – on a Windows computer! This means Clipchamp can be used, on a Windows computer, to convert a PreRes video to a standard .MP4 video that Windows, and PowerPoint can use.

Here is my test video. It is a whopping 4.88GB (!) and .MOV file format in Apple ProRes.

  • First – launch Clipchamp
    • TIP: running Clipchamp as a local app is going to be MUCH faster to load the 5GB file vs. having it upload to the Clipchamp servers if running as a web-app.
  • Open the ProRes encoded video in Clipchamp.
  • Add to video timeline.
  • Export the video.

TIP: Clipchamp only creates .MP4 video files, which work on all computers, all web browsers, and all applications.

And the final task is to add the new version of the video to your presentation!