Clipchamp is a video editing app purchased by Microsoft that TLC will be using in the future to do quick, simple video editing for our PowerPoint presentations. In this post, we will be creating a speaker intro video “slide.” We will be exporting a template background from PowerPoint and use it as a video to show a seamless integration.

Export your PPT background to upload to Clipchamp or if you already have the file, you do not need to export it from PPT but make sure it’s the same crop & size. Here I’m saving out a headshot image.


Create a new video from your Clipchamp dashboard.

Upload your media. Here I’m using an exported headshot from my PPT slide. When your files are done uploading, drag your media onto the timeline.

Add text by clicking on the Text tab from the left-hand side of the menu.

Select your desired text effect and drag it to the timeline. Edit text, font, colors, and more in the top bar menu when your text is selected.


When you’re done, export your video at the highest resolution possible.

A new screen will render your video and you can save it to your computer.

Open up PowerPoint and insert your new video.

Size the video to take up the entire width & height of your slide. Send your video to back so you can add more text or images if needed.

Here is an example of our slide in action:

[videopack id=”16176″][/videopack]