Clipchamp is a video editing app that focuses on making video editing simple and fun. It was purchased by Microsoft with the goal to “empower creators.” Users can edit videos for a variety of social media platforms, such as YouTube and Instagram, or video to be used in a PowerPoint presentation. The app focuses on their template designs, but ignore that, import your own media, and have an easy to use video editor that exports professional file formats.

Getting Clipchamp has many options right now; download from the Clipchamp website, download from the Microsoft App Store, or the mobile version (review of the mobile app later in this series) at the Apple or Android app stores. One note, ClipChamp is not available for Mac computers currently.

At TLC Creative our focus is presentation design, so here is the process of installing on a Windows computer.

1. Open the Microsoft app store and search for “Clipchamp”.

2. Click on Clipchamp and “get” to download.

3. Alternately, go to the Clipchamp website, which ultimately takes you to the Microsoft app store to install. Hover over the “About” link in the top navigation menu and click on “Our products” from the drop-down menu.

4. On the product information page, click “Desktop app”.

5. Then click the option that you need (eg. “Microsoft’s Windows”).

6. Then click “Get it from Microsoft” button. The pop-up window is the Microsoft Store. Click “get” to download and install.

When installed on a computer, the app interface is virtually the same as the web-based interface, but you do not need to upload media (eg. videos, photos, audio) and can work on them as local files.

More to come!
Karen @ TLC