If you are exporting a presentation as a video for use on a DVD, what setting should be used? If this is for a consumer video player DVD use, go with PowerPoint’s highest quality (960x720px for a 4×3 aspect ratio) and let the DVD authoring software lower the resolution.

DVD compliant video has very specific requirements in order to be viewable on standalone DVD players.
• NTSC Video
• 720 x 480 resolution
• Audio type (Dolby AC3, PCM, MPEG) 48KHz sampling frequency
• 29.97fps frame rate
• Maximum bitrate of 9800 bps

Note 1: DVD authoring software (TLC Creative Services uses Sony Vegas Pro + DVD Architect) will transcode the PPT video and set these specs.

Note 2: High Def Blu Ray DVD’s can use different specs.

– Troy @ TLC