It is not often that I have 2 posts in a day – but this offer is time sensitive as it expires today! The website “Giveaway of the Day” has an offer to download and install a full function version of iSpring Pro for free regularly $199.

iSpring is a PPT-to-Flash conversion add-in. It adds a tool bar to PPT and from my initial tests does a good job of capturing animations and visual effects (note: I have not fully tested the iSpring software, but it has been on my radar for awhile. I actually downloaded demo version of software last month, but did not have time to run through my standard series of test files to really evaluate it).

So if you are interested, you can have it for free. NOTE: it must be downloaded AND installed before the Giveaway of the Day deal ends today (approx. 15hrs from this post). Click here to go to download page.

– Troy @ TLC