Mockup Everything is a web-based application that lets us quickly create custom graphics with images embedded in iPads, t-shirts, iPhones, magazine covers and many other objects.
Mockup everything 19

TLC staff designer, Michelle, spent some time working with Mockup Everything’s website and wrote up this great overview tutorial on using it.

1. To get started, click on SELECT A TEMPLATE on the homepage to choose one of the free templates to work with.

Mockup everything 1

2. For this tutorial, I selected the IPAD – ANGLED template to place our design on.
Mockup everything 2

3. Hover over the image of the iPad until you see a blue area highlighted, then click the blue highlighted area to open the import image dialog.
Mockup everything 3

4. Select the image from your computer that you want to place on the template, and click Open.
Mockup everything 4

5. Verify that you have selected the correct image by clicking SAVE (or select UPLOAD NEW ART to change the image), and the image will be placed on the template.
Mockup everything 5 Mockup everything_6

6. My image is not the exact size of the template’s area for the ipad screen, so I am changing the background color behind the image. Select the small square on the left, and choose a color, there are options to use a preset color or an eyedropper tool.
Mockup everything 7 Mockup everything 8

7. Now, I want to change the background image of the template itself by clicking on the other small box, and I will use white as our background.
Mockup everything_10 Mockup everything 11 Mockup everything 12


8. To save the custom image, click SAVE IMAGE. If you are using the free version of Mockup Everything, there are options to upgrade for a higher quality resolution and size image. For now, I am just clicking No thanks, let me download the low res image to save the image at a resolution of 72 ppi and a size of 750 x 422 pixels, which is good for most presentation design needs.
Mockup everything 13


9. Once saved, I have an image like the one below ready to insert into PowerPoint.
Mockup everything 14


10. There are some great options in the free templates options on Mockup Everything.
Mockup everything 16 Mockup everything 15 Mockup everything 17


11. The PRO version of Mockup Everything is $12 per month and has many more objects, angles and options such as: men’s, women’s, baby and youth apparel, books, magazines, posters, envelopes, business cards, bags, boxes, vinyl records, CD cases, and much more. There are even templates for skateboards, snowboards, different technological devices, outdoor scenes (such as billboards and buses), and beverage containers.

Mockup everything 18


– Michelle @ TLC