Here at TLC, our team works hand in hand with companies dealing with all sorts of information. One week, you may find us setting up show computers for a large event for a pharma company, and the next week, onsite running presentations for an executive of an auto corporation. Our computers are always operated by internal staff, but it is imperative to secure information.

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Dropping files into the Recycle Bin is not really deleting them – it is only the operating system removing the reference of the files from the system table. Every file is really there until another file is saved over it. Eraser permanently overwrites files with patterns of data that completely prevents file recovery. So, whether you want to securely erase financial records, passwords and/or security data, Eraser is a free, easy to use program that makes files gone for good. Eraser can be found here (go to the download link at top of page – do not use any of the adware download buttons!).

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– Troy @ TLC