If you have ever printed a presentation that contained a .png image with transparency the results were certainly less than desirable. Here is the printed slide with a number of transparent .png images – not so good…
Tech Table
Note the jagged edges around the 3D spheres, Missing portion of background, solid/jagged dropshadow around the person.

○ The solution is a few easy steps and provides ‘picture’ perfect printouts.
○ Go to SAVE AS and export all slides to .JPG images. It is a good idea to save all of these to a new folder (Note: For higher quality images I use the PPTXtreme Import/Export add-in for this process. I export slides at 1600×1200 pixels for better quality).
○ Create a new presentation
○ Import all of the .jpg images/slides using the Photo Album feature, PPTXtreme’s Import/Export add-in, or Shyam’s Image Importer add-in.
○ Print

Here is a slide that was exported as a .jpg, then placed on a slide and printed
Tech Table

Side Note: If you delete all slides from real presentation, do a SAVE AS, then insert all of the .jpg slide images the master slide, header/footer and properties information will be preserved.

Troy @ TLC