I have been happily using a beta version of this add-in for quite awhile. Now it is available to all (approx. $40 US). Here is their official press release:

pptXTREME releases moreEdit for Microsoft PowerPoint

pptXTREME has released moreEdit for Microsoft PowerPoint 2000, XP, 2003 and 2007. moreEdit consists of eight tools: SaveSelected, MakeHeader, MakeBody, Edit Word Art, MatchWidth, MatchHeight, Hide/Unhide and Notes.

With moreEdit’s MakeHeader and MakeBody, shapes that are created in PowerPoint without using the slide master can be formatted to the master. The process also removes “fake” bullets and extra lines and spaces left by the author to give the appearance of PowerPoint bullets.

The SaveSelected tool saves slides selected by the user into a file from within PowerPoint’s own sorter view.

Multiple elements on a slide can be aligned and formatted with the same width or height using the MatchWidth or MatchHeight tools. moreEdit’s Edit Word Art maintains the Word Art’s font size and formatting when you edit the Art’s text.

moreEdit’s HideSlide and UnhideSlides adds to PowerPoint’s default “hide” capabilities by making the hidden slides more visible in sorter view.

The Notes tool inserts text boxes for notes to the author that are formatted to be seen but can be hidden.

Get the full-function trial, click here.

– Troy @ TLC