Neuxpower’s Slidewise PowerPoint add-in has many fantastic tools. When initially testing it, the font audit and management functionality instantly won me over and quickly was installed on all computers at TLC Creative Services!

Working with my same demo deck, which has now been consolidated to 2 Master Slides, the Slidewise Font Audit shows there are 5 fonts used in presentation.

Doing a review of the content master slide shows Arial is the font that should be used throughout the presentation (note: this master slide’s placeholder text boxes have customized text by the TLC Creative design team, not all files have this easy of reference).

With this information, I can use Slidewise to quickly consolidate the fonts in the presentation. To update all instances of Calibri to Arial, click the 3-dot menu and REPLACE FONTS.

From the REPLACE FONTS dialog, choose the REPLACE WITH font (Arial in this deck) and REPLACE FONTS button. Note: the presentation will close, process and then reopen to the same slide. This is a bit unsettling (to have your work file close), but know it is part of the process 😊

For Century Gothic, I wanted to see where it is used to determine if it should remain or go. Click any slide in the Slidewise list and PowerPoint jumps to that slide and the text box of that font selected (which is amazing!). Clicking through the Century Gothic instances, all are slide content that should use the theme font, Arial. An easy and quick update using the Replace Fonts dialog.

Investigating the Tw Cen MT font, it is the Master Handout text boxes. First, this is a detail level that would virtually never be identified without the Slidewise Font Audit. These fonts can also be updated to the theme font, Arial.

In a short time I was able to see every font used in the presentation, where fonts were used, and if needed update to the desired font. The end result on this deck is consolidating all to a single font – Arial.

Get more info about Slidewise here.

Troy @ TLC