I have used this technique on some recent projects that we designed dynamic background art for. The idea uses a simple feature that is used little and creates really dynamic graphic elements that are amazingly easy to use. Here is my sample slide with a dynamic background (thanks to Amber for creating this sample slide and tutorial images).

1. Add a PPT shape of your choice, I am using a standard rectangle. Set it as the background (FORMAT >> BACKGROUND >> PICTURE).

2. Set the PPT shape to “No outline,” solid color fill and no styling.

3. With the shape selected, go to FORMAT >> open the shape options by clicking the small icon in lower right >> under FILL >> SLIDE BACKGROUND FILL (last option).

4. NOTE: The shape has now disappeared with only the shape selection lines visible.

5. What you do here determines the look you create. I am using 3D perspective and some styling options. Select the shape.
– Add 3D Rotation (we are starting the “Perspective Relaxed” preset).

– Add a 3D Format for a bevel effect (Circle bevel with the width at 7pt and height at 8pt).

6. Now we see the interesting effect when the background fill is combined with some shape styling.

7. To really create a dynamic visual the next step is to select the shape and modify the 3-D Rotation perspective to 120 degrees.

8. With the new 3D formatting we can really see the effect of the background fill in the shape.

9. To create a full Title Slide layout, the shape was enlarged for more depth and stretched across the slide. Then duplicated, reduced in size and moved under the subtitle text box. The background fill automatically adjusts to the new placement on the background to create new looks for the same shape

Click here to download the sample slide.

– Troy @ TLC