So I have been tempted to reformat my primary computer, which is running Vista Ultimate, and go back to XP (on many occasions). What keeps me from this drastic action? Really it is a lack of time – if I am in front of a computer I am busy working on a project (which almost 24/7 lately) and the thought of taking time to deal with the nusances of Vista just does not make my priority list right now.

One of the major issues has been this fantastic 512MB graphics card having the features of a 10 year old model. In other words, it had no advanced features – Such as Flat Panel Scaling.

Well NVidia has finely come through provided a robust update to its control panel and now I can actually use this computer to run a show if needed (which I generally don’t do – this is my production computer, I have a small fleet of ‘show’ computers for that task). Of course my thought has been that by next year all of the Vista issues I am experiences will be resolved as software catchs up. But for now – one annoyance resolved!

– Troy @ TLC