WordArt.com is an online app that creates unique stylized word art.

Think of a word cloud, a common presentation request, but created in the shape of an image. The site offers a variety of customization tools ranging from custom fonts and specific colors to a wide range of art images to create the word cloud in.

This is not an entirely no cost site, but PNG and JPEG files are free to download. PDFs and scalable SVGs are available as part of the $4 to  $299.99 plans.

For our presentation needs, the sites free options are perfect. You do need to create an account to access. 

1. After logging in click the “create” button.
2. The next window is the workspace. On the left is the customizing area to add text and styling. The first tab “words”, is where to Add, remove, reorder and import words.

3. At any point to review the art, simply click the “Visualize” tab to generate the finished work.

4. The shapes tab is where you can pick any shape provided as well as upload your own
(.png and .jpg, not vector formats).

5. A variety of fonts are readily available to use, as well as the option to add a custom font under the “Add font” button.

6. Under the layout tab, are different text orientations

7. The Style tab is where you can customize the colors of the text and the background colors. NOTE it is especially important to remember to click the “Make Transparent” button before saving the art as a PNG, otherwise when exporting as a PNG it will retain the white background.

8. After all customization, click the “Visualize” button to generate the word cloud. You can click the button several times to get a different result.

9. Under the download tab are several options. 2 free standard PNG and JPEG options. The HQ options have payment options.

Troy @ TLC