Here is my process for adding a YouTube (google, metacafe, soapbox, etc) video to a PowerPoint presentation:

1. Find the movie online and copy the URL

2. Go to

3. Paste in the YouTube URL

4. Follow instructions to download to your computer.
Note: the video is in .flv format, which need to be converted for use in PowerPoint

5. Go to

6. Be sure you are in the ‘Local File Conversion’ tab

7: Click the BROWSE button and find the video on your computer

8: Convert the .FLV video to a PowerPoint friendly .WMV format.
Note: there are lots of options, but I recomend
– No Video Preset
– Windows Media Video (.wmv)

9: Click OK and following instructions to convert and have file emailed you.

10: Move newly created .wmv video to same folder as presenation and use PowerPoint’s INSERT >> MOVIE FROM FILE wizard

11: Done!

– Troy @ TLC