The question is why do the slides in this deck start with zero!?

Back in January 2007 I answered this question in the blog post. Fast forward 15 years and I just had a slide deck that started with zero. I do not hide that this blog is as much my resource as anyone’s. So, a quick search gave me the answer to a long forgotten how-to in PowerPoint and I was able to finish the presentation makeover project.

But I noted that back in 2007, PowerPoint’s interface was bit different and getting to this setting is a bit different now.

To change the starting slide number:

  • Go to the DESIGN tab
  • Click the SLIDE SIZE drop down menu
  • The Slide Size dialog is much the same today as it was in 2007 (now with Microsoft’s flat design aesthetic)
  • Set the starting slide number in the NUMBER SLIDES FROM field

Troy @ TLC