TLC Creative is always pushing the limits of PowerPoint. A few years ago, 3D model support was introduced to PowerPoint. TLC Creative leveraged the new file format immediately for a few large corporate events where the end clients had 3D modelling assets available (making those models compatible with Office’s more limited 3D support is another topic).

Always looking to grow our design team’s skills, we are highlighting a little side project Jake on the TLC Creative design team created. This is a Microsoft Office-optimized 3D model of the IBM logo, built from a (non-3D) vector file of the logo, created in Blender.

The fun is twisting, rotating and seeing every angle when a true 3D model is added to a slide! This is a video export from PowerPoint animating the inserted 3D model using morph across a series of slides:

[videopack id=”14646″][/videopack]

Download the IBM logo slide here.