Transitions also benefit from #1 – Performance. In my pre-beta version there are a number of new transitions that are really exciting!

– Pan (my new animation favorite!)
– Gallery
– Flip
– Ripple
– And the full application will have more new transitions than just these!
New Transitions Sample Video is converted to low-res .gif “movie”. Note on the PAN transitions the background stays in place while the content moves/transitions!

Plus the legacy transitions also get some fantastic updating. As example the WIPE, CLOCK, RANDOM BARS, transitions leads with a soft gradient edge. The DISSOLVE and CHECKERBOARD transitions are screens full of soft edged squares (that I might use again after ignoring since 2004).

The interface has been updated too. First, Transtions now have their own tab (no longer shared with Animations).

Almost all of the adjustments are controlled directly in the Ribbon (vs. opening a separate dialog):

We now have precise control over animation duration, ranging from a full minute:

To a very quick 1/25th of a second:

The updated interface also limits the list of transitions by adding any transition options in the new EFFECT OPTIONS menu. Here I have WIPE selected and I can choose the direction from the drop down menu.

Just another GREAT feature that adds new features and improves the existing.

– Troy @ TLC