Okay, this one is great! Actually, I have enjoyed this function since PPT XP thanks to the PPTXtreme Edit add-in. The Animation Painter makes my top 10 because it is that much of a needed feature and will be used by everyone.

Here are my sample shapes that I want to animate:

I setup the first image (square) with a complex animation that involves 3 animations all set WITH PREVIOUS for a dynamic entrance.

The Animation Painter works like the Format Painter. Select an object with an animation, click the Animation Painter, and apply that animation to any other object – on any slide.

I want the same animated entrance for the circle, but do not need to spend the time applying the 3 animations and setting their attributes. Now I:
1. select the square
2. select the Animation Painter
3. Select the circle
4. click the animation painter again and all of the animations are set!

As a side note: You know you are running pre-beta software when the buttons do not have icons, but a generic dot….

– Troy @ TLC