Let’s Talk Microsoft Teams This Month

The TLC Creative Services team has over the past 2 years gone from using Microsoft Teams as a novelty, to a more forced use when Microsoft killed off Skype for Business, and now it has become integrated into our daily workflow (and we like it). Like anyone that uses an app a lot, you cringe when you see others not using that app to its fullest. So, here are 10 Microsoft Teams tips to make your use of it hopefully better 🙂

Troy @ TLC

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Lori Chollar on The Presentation Podcast!

Lori Chollar of TLC Creative Services takes control of The Presentation Podcast with Sandra Johnson for an amazing conversation about the presentation industry from the women’s perspective. Join Lori Chollar, Sandra Johnson, Jude Barak, Wendy Gates-Corbett and Yulia Barnakova for a conversation they recorded at the Presentation Summit!

Listen to the podcast here.

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New PowerPoint Animation!? Basic Zoom Effect Options

So, I do not know the answer to this, but I believe this is something new in the PowerPoint animation options!

Maybe the better question to start with is, does anyone recall if the IN SLIGHTLY and OUT SLIGHTLY effect options to the BASIC ZOOM animation have been there?

I do not recall these options being available and have long used a combination animation of a Zoom + Fade to create the effect (Tip: use the Brightslide PPT add-in “My Animations” to create a quick to apply library of custom animations!). I also reached out to Steve Rindsberg and sent him the above screen capture. He looked in a few legacy installs of PowerPoint and commented that the In Slightly and Out Slightly effect options were not there. So… is this an exciting new addition, or something I just cannot remember was there?

Troy @ TLC

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Windows 11 Date Calculator!

I am getting familiar with Windows 11 and discovered this gem. I am assuming it is new with Windows 11, but maybe it has been there for awhile and I have been missing out!

Here is the Windows calculator (I seem to use it multiple times each day).

Clicking the upper left menu shows the list of various types of calculators. I discovered the DATE RANGE calculator function, and I am thrilled!

Select DATE CALCULATION. Pick a starting date and an end date from calendar pickers. The bottom row instantly displays the number of days in the range selected. No more counting days in the Outlook calendar!!

Troy @ TLC

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Convert Keynote file to PowerPoint File Online, Free and Fast!

Do I know Apple Keynote for Presentation design? Absolutely!

Is Apple Keynote your main presentation design app? No, not for a long time.

Can I give you a Keynote file? Absolutely, but all of our Mac computers are at the studio and everyone is working remote, so I will convert the file to PowerPoint.

Now, the big question is, how do you convert an Apple Keynote file to PowerPoint if you do not have a Mac computer available? The answer is easy – and free – and fast – and very accurate conversion! I use cloudconvert, an online file convert app. The website lists they support “nearly all audio, video, document, ebook, archive, image, spreadsheet, and presentation formats.” And I have used this resource for many file types – and just last week, for converting another Keynote presentation to PowerPoint format so I could integrate a presenters slides into the master show presentation (which is being run in PowerPoint).

Go to cloudconvert.com

In the CONVERT menu select PRESENTATION and KEY (Keynote)

In the TO menu select PPTX (PowerPoint)



When done processing, download the .pptx version of the presentation to work with (knowing the conversion process does not provide a full feature PowerPoint template file, no matter how good or bad the Keynote file is setup).

Troy @ TLC

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“Show” Computers for Event Presentations

Running presentations for a corporate event. Just a fun photo of my view.

  • Top left computer (on a riser/stacker) is the primary show computer that have the daily master show presentation, and dual output of presenter view to the presenter confidence monitor to view presentation notes
  • Top right computer (on a riser/stacker) is the backup show computer loaded with the same daily master show presentation and run in sync so there is a backup system should anything go awry (always have redundancy for live events!)
  • Lower left device is an ipad mini running a presenter timer app – connected to the second presenter confidence monitor
  • Right of the lower right computer is a D’San cue light for presenters to control their presentations (note: this unit can have the remote turned on/off) to prevent slide advances when a presenter is not on stage)
  • Lower right computer is the production computer, because there is always presentation edits and requests during the event and the show computers are dedicated to the live event, so an “offline” computer is where tasks are completed (note: using MS Teams to host presentations, opened in the desktop app, enables updates to the active presentation)

Troy @ TLC

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Live Streaming from the Presentation Summit

From the 2021 Presentation Summit, where TLC Creative Services was onsite with the AV equipment and AV techs coordinating the live stream of all sessions. Here we are in one of the two smaller rooms (“Artistry” and “Science” tracks).

  1. The presenter computer, with the PowerPoint file was at the “presenter table” enabling each presenter to be hands on with their computer and content.
  2. The presenter computer, or an event theme, was the content for the local projection screen (and the conference director, Rick Altman, presenting at this session)
  3. Reference computer, logged into the virtual meeting platform as an attendee (if we see the live stream, we know you can see the live stream!)
  4. Audio capture for live stream (audio board captured and environment mic of in-room audience captured)
  5. ATEM Mini Pro video switch for multi-camera setup into virtual meeting (live camera only to virtual attendees, not in ballroom projection)
  6. Virtual Broadcast Studio computer with all media connected control of virtual meeting live stream layouts and content
  7. ATEM TV Studio switch of computer content, output to local projector and virtual studio
  8. Professional audio board for in-room audio and send to virtual studio
  9. Multi-view of all connected cameras to enable live stream tech to switch camera views with knowledge of what each camera is capturing
  10. HDMI capture of computer output into virtual studio (HDMI to USB-C)
  11. 3 camera shoot in each ballroom (2 Sony Alpha series cameras and 1 GoPro)
  12. Live Stream tech making it all happen!
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