Troy and Lori on The Presentation Podcast!

You Don’t Know, What You Do Not Know. The conversation this episode is Troy and Lori of TLC Creative talking about features and processes for PowerPoint design and presenting that are not intuitive to know are available, and therefore many people, professional presentation designers included, do not know they exist. Join the conversation here.

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Error Message when Opening a PowerPoint File from MS Teams

Working a set of our TLC Creative show computers I had this frustrating error when attempting to open the MS Teams based presentation:

I confirmed MS Teams was logged in with my credentials. Confirmed I can access the Team, folder and file. I also confirmed I was able to open the PowerPoint file in the Teams viewer and web-based browser version of PowerPoint. But I did not confirm PowerPoint/MS Office was logged in with my account – the user seen in the upper right of PowerPoint.

Each time I went through the process of logging myself as the profile for Office to use, the above error taunted me (argh!!). The solution, which I have confirmed works on yet another computer having the same Microsoft seizure, is to SIGN OUT of all profiles. Then sign in with your credentials. I have no idea why Office errors out when trying to login your profiles sometimes, but it does. And I now have a solution that works (but sorry to everyone else that needs to also use that computer and must go through the login profile process vs. just clicking to change profiles…).

– Troy @ TLC

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First Podcast Episode of 2024!

As we start 2024, The Presentation Podcast is looking back at 2023, specifically favorite presentation project, non-PowerPoint project, podcast episode – tech tip – guest, and more! Join Troy, Sandy and Nolan for this great podcast episode! Listen here.

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The Presentation Podcast Releases a New Episode Today!

The Presentation Summit wraps up 2023 with a recap of The Presentation Summit season. This year the Summit was held in two separate events, making it a unique year for the venerable event. Nolan, Sandy and Troy were all at the onsite event, and each joined the virtual sessions. Join to hear them compare notes on the Presentation Summit sessions, venues, speakers and more. Listen here.

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Dr. Carmen Simon on The Presentation Podcast!

Don’t miss episode 187 of The Presentation Podcast for a conversation with Dr. Carmen Simon on how presentation information is retained by attendees!

There is a science to the art of presentation design. Troy, Nolan and Sandy talk with Cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Carmen Simon about presentation information retention and her latest study findings. Listen here!


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Lots of BIG LED Walls

Ending the month with a few photos of an amazing event I was part of last month. All content has been removed from these amazing floor-t0-ceiling, curved layout LED walls that created an amazing event. Presentations looked amazing spanning this canvas!

Troy @ TLC

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving for those of us in the U.S.!

The fun and timely note about this post, and image, is I leveraged Microsoft’s newly released Windows OS Co-Pilot. I entered the prompt “Create an image of a Thanksgiving turkey giving a presentation.” 4 image options offered, all created by Dall-E-3, and the above is a royalty-free, good resolution (original image was 1024x1024px), creative and something no else has.

Troy @ TLC

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