So this is a bit different – I figure with 3-5k views a day I am asking you for advice. A recent project seemed simple enough, develop a kiosk quiz with 4 questions and showed the results, then reset for the next person. No need to capture data or integrate with a data base. I figured easy, I will just develop a set of slides and use one of the conversion apps. Turns out the simple quiz is quite difficult – but if I want to capture data, integrate with a LMS, etc. all is a part of the pre-packaged solutions.

Well I spent a few days researching options and finally coded the project in Flash. Client was happy, end result looked and functioned great, I was just a bit surprised I could not find a PowerPoint solution.

So here is the storyboard of what was needed (created in PPT 2007). Anyone have suggestions on software (add-in or stand alone) that could accomplish this?

– Troy @ TLC