“Hello, Tech Support. Yes, I have a problem, my blog is now offline!”

Well as you may have noticed, ThePowerPointBlog went offline for over a week. I moved TLC Creative Services to the new Microsoft Office 365 for the exchange email, SharePoint and Lync features. The first few days down accounted for the time needed to figure out how to change over the DNS settings to maintain the TLCCreative.com website at the same hosting (eg. I did not want to use the Microsoft website design option, just the backoffice features). After that was resolved, it was only then that I discovered sub-domains are not supported by Office 365 (at least on the plan subscribed to). So now ThePowerPointBlog is on its own dedicated domain and no longer a sub-domain of tlccreative.com.

What does this mean to everyone? For general reading and searching for old posts, nothing, it is all the same. But if you have bookmarked or linked to any specfic post over the past 6 years, those links will no longer work… I am incredibly sorry for that inconvienence. The only difference is the URL to access things:
Old = https://pptblog.tlccreative.com/bloglink
New = https://thepowerpointblog.com/bloglink

Now, on to updating the blog posts to catch up!

– Troy @ TLC