Mac Computer-to-Computer AirDrop is Amazing!

This week’s office for me is surrounded by a fleet of Macbook Pro’s for this event (running Mac PowerPoint). I am definitely a Windows person, but every time I have Macs to work on the magical tool is using the Mac OS AirDrop to seamlessly transfer files between computers – it is absolutely amazing (and missing on Windows computers)!

Troy @ TLC

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Microsoft MVP Summit

I am honored to have the invite from Microsoft to attend the 2022 Microsoft MVP Summit that is happening this week! It is a virtual 3-day conference, so lots of really great time with the PowerPoint team Program Managers, Devs and the other MVPs for PowerPoint (of course in person hanging out together in Seattle/Bellevue would be better!). As I note every year, almost every conversation is under NDA, so not much I can report here – but I am always encouraged by the compassion and drive the PowerPoint team has for constantly improving the app!

(also, the MVP event artwork is from Microsoft – not something I created)

Troy @ TLC

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TLC Creatives’s Top 10 of 2021

2021 has overall been a very good year here at TLC Creative Services. Here is a quick slide deck the team created (thank you Amber!) exported as a video showcasing our Top 10 2021 highlights.

Everyone here at TLC Creative Services is looking forward to 2022, and hope 2022 is looking great for you!

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Your vs. You’re

When we put out a hiring listing Lori and I have the task of evaluating 200+ resumes. One of our rules is if there are typos in the cover letter or resume, that person is removed from the review process.

In a recent email, a solicitation, this one did not make it past the first paragraph before I deemed it ready to delete. Then I went back to it to capture the above screen capture for this blog post!

The email contained several spelling, punctuation, and content errors… I have read the statement multiple times and I not certain if the meaning was “you are” (you’re) or that I was physically scaling (which just is a creepy weird thing) – either way, this is a poor prospecting email and I am guessing does not receive much traction in people following up.

Troy @ TLC

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“Show” Computers for Event Presentations

Running presentations for a corporate event. Just a fun photo of my view.

  • Top left computer (on a riser/stacker) is the primary show computer that have the daily master show presentation, and dual output of presenter view to the presenter confidence monitor to view presentation notes
  • Top right computer (on a riser/stacker) is the backup show computer loaded with the same daily master show presentation and run in sync so there is a backup system should anything go awry (always have redundancy for live events!)
  • Lower left device is an ipad mini running a presenter timer app – connected to the second presenter confidence monitor
  • Right of the lower right computer is a D’San cue light for presenters to control their presentations (note: this unit can have the remote turned on/off) to prevent slide advances when a presenter is not on stage)
  • Lower right computer is the production computer, because there is always presentation edits and requests during the event and the show computers are dedicated to the live event, so an “offline” computer is where tasks are completed (note: using MS Teams to host presentations, opened in the desktop app, enables updates to the active presentation)

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Greetings from Scotland

Last week in Florida with a group of presentation people (at the 2021 Presentation Summit), and this week in Scotland experiencing the UK! So what is the PowerPoint – Scotland connection? Same as all corporate events, being the behind the scenes presentation expert to assemble daily master show files assuring the speaker supplied slides all seamlessly integrate (page size, fonts, linked media and more – ugh!), then supplying the computers and running the presentations. After a year + of virtual only events, it is great to be travelling and onsite with people again!

Troy @ TLC

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A View of the 2021 Presentation Summit!

This week has been great! Being together with people, in person! Presentation people! And at the beach!

So much great content. So many amazing conversations. Several fantastic podcast recording sessions. Opportunity to present on presentation design (both Lori and Troy). And being a part of the conference team providing the onsite technology equipment and live stream AV team. A week of little rest, but huge rewards!

Troy @ TLC

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Let’s Talk About Quotes

The TLC Creative Services presentation design team created a series of inspiration slides using quotes. The results were great, and we are sharing some of the team’s slides over the next few weeks in a series that will hopefully provide inspiration for slide design and provide PowerPoint layout and text formatting tips. So, as my intro image (composited in PowerPoint and exported as a image) says, “Let’s talk about quotes …in PowerPoint design”.

Troy @ TLC

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Creativity Is Not…

I read this quote recently and it resonated enough to be something to share. Mr. Kleon continues on saying creativity is not a talent, but a way of operating. That we should not think of creativity as a noun – something you have, but as a verb – something you do.

TLC Creative Services has a VERY talented team, so it is noun – something we have! And it is a verb, everything we do – the creative and the “non-creative” aspects of our work – is approached with attention to detail, a perfection mindset, and creativity. Even this blog post is an unintentional example, the above quote typography and layout was composited in PowerPoint (our design tool of choice) vs. typing out a preformatted bullet line of text with quote marks 😊.

Troy @ TLC

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Time for a Restart!

2020 became a major restart.

We restarted TLC Creative Services with a new offering: virtual corporate events on a secure, scalable, and highly visual customizable platform. With the loss of nearly 100% of live events, we had time and a team of talented people to focus on the VXP Meeting Platform. And, we continued to provide presentation design, template development, and graphic design services (though like most of the world, at a reduced volume of requests).

2021 is time to restart The PowerPoint Blog!

Here, The PowerPoint Blog, went on an unofficial hiatus. More things to focus on than time allowed. Business development, platform development, and client requests came first. The PowerPoint Podcast came next and many other TLC Creative projects went on hold – including our time here.


This is not to say my list of presentation examples, PowerPoint tutorials, and resources stopped. The list of blog topics has continued to grow for literally a year and it is now overflowing! The TLC Creative team is still busy (thankfully!), and The Presentation Podcast is going strong (with topic planned into 2022). The VXP meeting platform is less in a development stage and is now a stable functioning offering. All of these things make May 2021 the time to restart The PowerPoint Blog.


If you are new here, welcome! and search the archives. There are 1,ooo’s of blog posts (seriously, there are a lot, spanning back to 2006!) with lots of great how-to tutorials, examples of presentation design, and reviews of presentation design resources.

If you are a long time visitor, welcome back! Sorry for the pause, but the world gone crazy with a global Pandemic forced reshuffled priorities. Now we are focused here, on The PowerPoint Blog once again 🙂

your friend,
Troy Chollar

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