Images within PowerPoint can be formatted to have many different effects.  In addition, a formatted image can also be cropped to any shape without affecting any existing formatting using the Crop to Shape tool.

1. Begin with an image that has been formatted within PPT.

Crop to shape-Photo_1

2. Select the image, and then click the drop down arrow below the Crop button under the Picture Tools Format tab.

Crop to shape-Photo_2

3. Hover over Crop to Shape to show the many different shapes available to crop the image to.

Crop to shape-Photo_3

4. Select the shape you wish to crop the image to.

Crop to shape-Photo_4

5. The image is now cropped to the new shape and all original formatting is still in place.  Here are some examples of the image cropped to different shapes:

Crop to shape-Photo_5Crop to shape-Photo_6

Crop to shape-Photo_7Crop to shape-Photo_8


-Troy @ TLC