The TLC Creative design team leverages the power of the QAT with 64 immediately available tools!

We run the same QAT on every computer, making it easy for our team to work on any computer.

NOTE: the items with the ** indicate this is a third party plugin feature (the icon will show up when installed, but not available if plugin is not installed on that computer). These are a combination of BrightSlide, ToolsToo, and PPTools features.

TIP: A custom QAT can be installed on any rental computer to give it a familiar interface! (if it has a custom QAT, export it and when done with the project, restore the original QAT).

See this previous blog post for how-to import a preset QAT (like the one you can download from the post!):

Download the TLC Creative QAT HERE. Note: download is a .zip file.


Troy @ TLC