PowerPoint and Google Fonts:

  • Professional fonts that display great in presentation apps (PowerPoint, Keynote, Adobe apps, etc.).
  • The ENTIRE library is FREE!
  • Primarily for web use and designed to dynamically load when a website or web-connected app uses them (so they do not need to be installed on a device to be used. Unfortunately both PowerPoint and Keynote are not able to leverage the web-based dynamic use of Google Fonts).
  • Can be downloaded as actual font files, installed on any computer, and both PowerPoint and Keynote can use them.
  • A few considerations about using locally installed Google Fonts in PowerPoint and Keynote:
    • get previous post details.

Details about Google Fonts

  • Google describes their font collection as “hundreds of free, open-source fonts optimized for the web.”
  • They have 708 font “families” (a Family is one typeface with several styles).
  • Find them here.
  • The online Google Fonts viewer has some great features, that can be used on any device. All fonts are displayed with a sample sentence that you can change to be any test. There are also options to see fonts used in a sample paragraph, a single word or very large in poster size text (good example for presentation callouts).
  • The ENTIRE library can be downloaded!
    • Use the down arrow icon in upper right of webpage to download Google Fonts to your computer.
    • Optionally, has the SkyFonts app which works with Google Fonts and works similar to the Adobe Typekit. It will sync selected fonts to any computer that has the SkyFonts app installed. Go to it here.
    • Download the library at GitHub here.


So, should Google Fonts be a part of your workflow?

Adding Google Fonts to your presentations is a good option, assuming you are prepared for managing Custom Fonts in a presentation and assuring everyone has knowledge of how to install custom fonts on a computer, has web access to get the font to install, and is prepared for things not displaying as designed if not installed. The other consideration is, do you need another font option? With our internal library of thousands of custom fonts, and the addition of Adobe Typekit providing its thousands of fonts to our design options, too many options can be more to manage and may provide more design options that are not really needed. But, Google Fonts is a great resource every presentation designer has available if needed.

-Troy @ TLC