Google Slides has the ability to easily convert your Slides Project into a variety of file types. The export options are PDF, SVG, PNG, TXT, ODP, JPEG and full PowerPoint PPTX.

To export your Slides presentation:

  1. At the top menu bar, click File
  2. Select Download as
  3. Select the file type you would like to export to

The image quality is good, but does not offer the ability to set the exported image size. PDF files render all the visual effects in out creations just fine. The Plain Text output is an interesting option, and while traditional bullet list text heavy slides would work well, it does produce a text document of head scratching puzzlement if it is a visual slide deck with multiple callout text boxes that really are not made to make sense in a word only format. SVG output produced very usable files (and this is a recent addition to PowerPoint too), for me it was primarily a way to get vector graphics into Illustrator or After Effects for use in coordinated design elements (eg. presentation and speaker title intro sizzle video). Last, the ability to export to .pptx is not only the first option in the export list (which is another question – how is the export options list organized? It is not alphabetical, it is not by rank of use, what is it organized by?), but it clearly says PowerPoint is the top of the presentation world and other applications need to play nice with it (PowerPoint offers an export to ODP, which is exactly in the SAVE AS menu not the Export menu, but no .slide or any other application native file type).

Troy @ TLC