I had a few emails from the Nov. 30 post “#13 Gradients” about the additional items now in the Format Shape dialog. Yep, the options available in this dialog has increased! There are literally dozens of improvements that I did not cover in my top 15 and I look forward to spending the 2nd half of 2010 (after Office 2010 is released to retail) with in-depth posts.

Here is the dialog from the previous post:

When you open the Format Shape dialog some of the currently available features get a full details pane like Reflection and Glow & Soft Edges.

Some features have more options available. “Picture” from PPT 2007 gets expanded to Picture Corrections and Picture Color.

And there are new dialogs such as Crop (see Nov. ## post), Artistic Effects (very cool stuff that probably should have been in my Top 15 list) and more with Size, Position, etc.

– Troy @ TLC