Here is the scenario:

  • Your computer with the presentation is connected to the meeting AV system
  • Then you need to copy a new presentation file to the computer. When the USB drive is inserted the entire room hears the “bing-bing” chime of a new device added to the computer
  • At which you groan and say sorry to the hundreds of people ready for the presentation…

Here is the fix:

  • Windows has a setting to turn off, or mute, the computer system audio, such as new device sounds!
  • Note: this is specific to Microsoft Windows 11. The Mac OS has a similar settings option available.
  • Right-click the speaker icon in the lower right of the task bar
  • The Settings, Volume Mixer dialog opens
  • Locate SYSTEM SOUNDS in the APPS section
  • Either slide the volume to the far left, or click the speaker icon to MUTE
    (in this example, the volume slider is at 100%, but the speaker icon was clicked and system sounds are muted)

Done. No computer system sounds will be heard from the computer!

Troy @ TLC