TLC Creative Services really likes the SMK-Navigator presentation remote. We have used them for several years, but it is not for the presenter, it is the remote we use backstage to run the computers while the presenter has a cue light remote that signals when to advance the content.

One of the key features of the SMK-Navigator remote is the receiver, the unit connected to the computer, can be sync’d to a remote. More importantly a single remote can be connected to 2-4-12 computers!

The key to the great feature is knowing how to program, or train, the additional remotes to the receiver.

 1. Remove USB Receiver from USB port, wait 5 seconds and reconnect.

2. Press and hold the Next button (right arrow) for 10 seconds until red light rapidly flashes.

3. Click the advance button on the remote and the LED light on the receiver should turn solid green (and then back to a slow flashing green).

Done! Now that receiver will work with that remote. Repeat for as many computers as you want the remote to simultaneously control.

Troy @ TLC