Last week Microsoft officially rolled out Office 2010 (and SharePoint 2010) is in big staged event. Don’t get to excited, it is the official launch/release to large corporate clients not the general public. Next month in June it will be available to everyone. I have been running Office 2010 for several months (one of the perks of being a Microsoft MVP) and HIGHLY recomend new verion over any previous version – it is really that good.

There is a good article at BetaNews about the launch event. Microsoft as a whole has changed a lot of its development focus and marketing strategies. Earlier this year at the MVP Summit hosted at Microsoft in Redmond, WA they had several MVPs (ie. not employees) demo Office 2010 and give their real-world use opinion of it (which was refreshing from scripted marketing speak by a spokesperson). It obviously was well received as Microsoft did the same thing at the official launch, letting real clients explain their reasons for moving to Office 2010.

(Office MVP Beth Melton on stage at the 2010 MVP Summit talking about PPT 2010)

– Troy @ TLC