Pulling this from a recent conversation. Microsoft has an up-to-date feature comparison list of what works, or is available in several versions of Microsoft Office. It is a page worth bookmarking.

First question is, what versions of Office are compared? Well, “versions” is not the best word, it is more about platforms – and this list compares most of them. All is based on the most recent version of Office 365 (so legacy versions and Office 2019 are not included).

The next question is, is it an up to date list? Many thanks to Ben Schorr at Microsoft for having a date stamp added to this page after I noted that this information was great, but users had no way of knowing if it was recent or 3 year old information.

Most important, what features are listed? Lots; audio, text, collaboration, design and Layout, keyboard, object, photo, print, slide show, video and more.

Check out this info page here.

Troy @ TLC