Microsoft is (finally) taking the input of its user more seriously, and not just their large enterprise customers (where the lead IS contact was the input person) and the MVP teams. This is for their entire user base! Microsoft has partnered with an external company to “engage with customers about new features and ideas.” UserVoice is something I am very excited about.

  • Covers all platforms: Windows (Desktop & Mobile), Mac, iOS, Android, and the Web
  • Separate pages for each Office app: PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Outlook, OneNote, Sway
  • Goal is to gather end user input (that’s you and me!) on features we see as needed in an Office app. Microsoft, from what I have been told, is going to have this data be a factor in determining what they need to focus on.
  • Vote for the ideas you like. This is a big part of the data that Microsoft will be receiving – “how many people agree with this being a needed feature?” NOTE: Each user only gets 10 votes!
  • UserVoice is not a forum for tech support. Its purpose is hearing what people want to see. This is great for me to see as Microsoft continues to move toward a constant app evolution and roll out of new and improved features vs. new version every 2+ years.


Bookmark and make entries when you have a great idea (or major frustration in the middle of project about what would make life better!). Here are links to each app:







– Troy @ TLC