Presentation design can take you many places, and work with some of the best people ever! Earlier this year TLC Creative provided the onsite GFX support for a multi-ballroom corporate event in Orlando. All went great, and we had a great time (no pictures of Lori & Troy’s extended stay day at Epcot!).

  1. Main ballroom where big screens and big presentation content are back!
  2. Lori backstage developing the ultrawide presentations (we used a 58″ x 28″ PPT slide size setup for the event)
  3. The graphics team escaping to Enzo’s Hideaway (a not so hidden resteraunt at Disney Springs)
  4. A week of work, and a lot of presentation computers as Troy & Lori head to the airport (and we shipped the other cases of gear!)
  5. Hey, it’s Orlando, had to share some Mickey Ears!