For 2023, Pantone’s Color of the Year is #18-1750 – Viva Magenta.

I like it. It is…

While reading about the color of the year, I learned something I have never read about before – how Pantone picks the color of the year. Overall, as a graphic designer, this was a great read. The key takeaways (for me):

  • Pantone Color of the Year started in 1999.
  • Each year Pantone has a global team of color experts that are not all Pantone employees.
  • Colors are recommendations based on anything and everything that influences color; entertainment, travel, lifestyles, etc. and a study of trends, but not a timely fad (note: the color may not be a fad, but the tagline, “welcome to the Magentaverse”, definitely is!).
  • The process is generally identify, and agree, on a color. Then continue the process to determine the shade of that color.
  • And it is a global design thing, so I like it 😊

Troy @ TLC