When you need to create images from slides, the PPTools Image Export add-in is invaluable.


PowerPoint 2016 has updated the built-in tool for saving slides as images – and it is really good. But, I still prefer to use the PPTools Image Export add-in. The reason is that the export dialog gives me complete control over the image(s) created.


  1. Select the format for the image (I generally use .png for my images)
  2. Select a range of slides or the entire presentation (Note: I do like PowerPoint’s option to export the selected slides, something you can manually type in slide numbers here, but a one-click button would be a great addition)
  3. Easily set a destination for the images
  4. Create a naming structure for the images (This is great when exporting images from different presenters or multiple versions of the same slides)
  5. Set the exported image size!


Find out more about PPTools Image Export tool on the web here.

-Troy @ TLC