I am a huge fan of the PPTXtreme PowerPoint add-ins. They make much of my development time up to 5X more efficient and in some cases make the impractical, practical.

With PPT 2007 a few of the add-ins lost functionality. Namely ‘Color Picker’ and ‘Photoshop Import’ (which is one of those HUGE time saver add-ins for me).

Now with my new computers running Windows 7 and PPT 2010 I have the sad reality that none of the PPTXtreme add-ins function… I did some experimenting to try and find a solution like I did with Vista (where I installed outside the ‘Programs’ folder and then manually added permissions). The bad news is nothing, for me, got these add-ins functioning.

The good news is, it is not entirely PPT 2010 that is the conflict. Here is PPT 2010 opening and a selection of the PPTXtreme Add-ins loading – and working.

In this case it is PPT 2010 installed on a Windows XP Pro OS. My install tricks for Vista have no effect in Windows 7, so the sad reality is Windows 7 + PPT 2010 leaves PPTXtreme unavailable.

I have talked with the PPTXtreme developer and fingers crossed that there may be a round of development going into the add-ins as soon as this summer to update compatability (which would hopefully mean a fall time release).

Stay tuned for a hopeful update later this year.

– Troy @ TLC