We have been building up and optimizing a number of new presentation show computers. Standard spinning platter hard drives have been pretty much banished from all TLC Creative computers (far left silver drive). Everything has SSD hard drives because of the reliability and incredible performance boost (middle black drive – Samsung Evo series being my preferred), and we have these in every computer, designer and show, usually with a standard spinning 1TB drive for file storage.


But it took some time to figure out our newest set of show computers hard drive setup (Sager NP9700 series). They are spec’d with 256GB Samsung Evo Pro drives (again, my current preference), and these notebooks have 4 hard drive bays! But after looking everywhere, I could not find the drive. I was looking for the middle black drive and these are the first laptops I have that use the M.2 drive connector. The far right thing that looks like a stick of memory is also a 256GB Samsung Evo Pro drive (so the middle and right drives are the same specs)!

Just more amazing things to be found in the TLC Creative computer room.

– Troy @ TLC