For virtually every PowerPoint template I design, it includes a custom set of picture bullets. Up until recently I was frustrated with having the old icons still sitting in the Custom Picture Bullets dialog when they no longer existed on my computer. But there is a solution – although it is a bit hidden. Here is how to clean up your PICTURE BULLETS dialog and remove the old and unused!!!

(1) Let’s review how we insert a custom picture bullet. With bulleted text selected, go to FORMAT >> BULLETS AND NUMBERING. On the BULLETED tab click the PICTURE button.

(2) Here you can see a small portion of the custom bullets that were used for previous presentations. The problem is, the source files for these are in the archives, not on the computer. They are completely useless here. Of course the little yellow X seems to be a way to delete them… but it is not. The yellow X tells you there is no item linked to this icon (which is why we want to delete it 🙂 )

(3) To remove these icons go to the Clip Art task pane; INSERT >> PICTURE >> CLIP ART. Click the ORGANIZE CLIPS link at the bottom.

(4) Inside the Microsoft Clip Organizer you need to:
1. Click COLLECTION LIST to view the pane
3. Click on the unwanted icon
4. Select DELETE from the menu
5. Done! (repeat for as many as needed)

– Troy @ TLC