Now that we have developed our custom picture bullet in PhotoShop, we can insert them into a PowerPoint presentation. The process is fairly simple (Note: I am using PowerPoint 2003 for this tutorial).

(1) Select the bulleted text. Go to FORMAT >> BULLETS AND NUMBERING.

(2) From the BULLETS AND NUMBERING dialog click PICTURE.

(3) From the PICTURE BULLET dialog click IMPORT.

(4) Note the next dialog box is the ADD CLIPS TO ORGANIZOR dialog (import later in this series). From here find the .png image created and click ADD.

(5) Find the newly added picture bullet in the PICTURE BULLET dialog and click OK.

(6) Your selected bulleted text now has a COOL and NIFTY custom bullet!

(7) If the bullet is to large or small, select the bulleted text, go to FORMAT >> BULLETS AND NUMBERING, and use the SIZE % OF TEXT to adjust.

– Troy @ TLC