Back on October 10, I did a post about a key feature missing in PowerPoint 2013 “Replace Font Dialog, PowerPoint 2010 vs. 2013.” Unfortunately, no solution has been added to PowerPoint 2013, the font type icons are still missing.

PowerPoint 2010 has font type icons (with no icon indicating the font is not installed on the computer):[br]

PowerPoint 2013 does not have the font type icons:

One area I did not include in the original post – and the reason for this post – is that the font type icons have not been completely removed from PowerPoint 2013. The font type icons can be seen in the Font drop down menu on the Home tab.[br]


That’s all. Just a clarification to the earlier post. Hopefully in the near future I can do another post on this same topic showing that the font type icons have been restored to the Replace Fonts dialog.

– Troy @ TLC