I work in a lot of locations that are not my office – where I have dual 23″ monitors, my favorite keyboard, mouse, track pad and really great speakers. What do I miss the most when I setup a temporary work station at a show? The extra monitor.

On the second monitor, for PPT, I run the slide show and edit the slides on primary monitor or if editing a highly animated section, I have a very large animation pane on it. I also use it for email, Windows Explorer windows and Lync.

For a few years, I have traveled with a small 7″ USB monitor, which was nice, but not really fully functional. Enter my newest “toy” – the Toshiba PA3923U-2LC3, a 14″ USB monitor that is automatically recognized by Windows 7 and Mac OS Lion. And it’s more portable than the smaller monitor by folding into a thin portfolio case.

Here is my production computer at my temporary, backstage “office” on showsite this week in Puerto Rico.

– Troy @ TLC