Starting with Slidewise version 2.1 there is a FREE version – and you should have it!

The free version is a feature-limited version of Slidewise. But the features it does include are invaluable (paying for all of the features is better)!

Basically, free-Slidewise is going to allow you to inspect a presentation, but not have access to the tools that automate fixing presentation issues.

As example, Slidewise shows there are are 25 fonts in this slide deck (ugh!) and several are not Microsoft fonts, because they are not embedded. The free version provides this super helpful information. The paid version enables tools to quickly update fonts throughout the deck (which is amazing!).

Another example is Slidewise Free shows a list of all images in the presentation – and displays the image file size of each image. This is super helpful in finding oversize images that are making the presentation file large. Slidewise Free keeps the ability to select an image from the list and jump to that slide, with that image selected (try it, it is fantastic!). But some of the image management tools are not available.

Two notes:

  1. Slidewise is currently a Windows PowerPoint add-in. No Mac PowerPoint option available.
  2. Just download the trial version and after the trial period ends it automatically goes to the free mode.

Checkout Slidewise at the developer website here.

Troy @ TLC