This has nothing to do with PowerPoint or presentations, but it is an amazing tip for those that use Spotify and have noticed it is missing a sleep timer option (which I have!). 

Scenario 1: You are deep into developing an amazing PowerPoint presentation and have some great inspiration music playing. You have a meeting to attend, so having the music stop would be a great reminder to save your work and leave (and much less jarring than an alarm going off).

Scenario 2: You are in noisy hotel and having music to mask the noise would be great, as long as you have a sleep timer to turn the music off in a few hours.

Unfortunately, the Spotify app does not have a sleep timer function. Luckily, this great hack leverages the built-in iOS timer to control Spotify.

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Action Steps, on iPhone or iPad

  • Search for “Timer” and open it, or, open the Clock app and go to the Timer icon at the bottom.
  • Set the time for music to play.
  • Change the “When Timer Ends” (and this is the secret setting!) to STOP PLAYING by scrolling to the very bottom of the list of options.*
  • Click START
  • Go back to Spotify, enjoy the music and let iOS turn off the music when the timer runs out!

*Note: This feature also works with Apple Music, Spotify, and all other audio enabled apps.

Happy listening!